Life Coaching

This is a venture with you -- a chance for you and I to collectively discover and create a vision and/ or strategy that helps you get where you want to go.  Unlike an offensive coordinator who calls the plays, my "coaching" job with you is to pose insightful questions, encourage you and create accountability.

Life coaching can be valuable for people of any age -- teenagers navigating high school and career possibilities to adults of any age wishing to create or accomplish more in any facet of life.  People who seek coaching may already be in a "good place" in life -- and are seeking a sounding board or new avenue to create more fulfillment in their lives.

Personal Counseling

While there is no bright line dividing between coaching and counseling, I can help you naviagate your life circumstances be it more crisis-related or problematic in nature.  Often times, counseling can involve other important people in your life in the process, too.

Crossfit Training

Wellness includes many areas - perhaps physical the one that overlaps all others.  The better we feel physically, the better we're able to think, work, perform and relate in all other parts of life. As a coach at Crossfit Barrington, I can work with you in this area or refer you to one of many outstanding coaches at Crossfit Barrington.